“You Dream it, we make it!”

About Us

      Our boot and shoes are manufactured by the finest craftsmen in the world of the very best materials available. It is our mission to ensure that our Custom Boots and Shoes will continue to provide the finest footwear available for years to come. That's our "Commitment to Excellence."

     Jewelry Boutique -“You Dream it, we make it!” says our professional designer who has 25 years of experience in Jewelry making and design. Serving customers with expertise and professionalism, he has crafted both simple and elegant pieces for the discerning connoisseur.

     Custom Men’s Clothes -  Most Custom Clothiers receive their garments from a trading company or directly from a manufacturing facility. Trading companies are mostly used by clothiers that do not have the economies of scale to sufficiently go factory direct. With a middleman in place, this clothier will need to pay more and pass the costs on to you, the customer. Larger custom clothiers that can go factory direct may still be constrained by the quality control and efficiency of their production facility. We are part of the manufacturing process whereby we personally guarantee our own quality control and consistency in our garments.


                                    MICHELLE ASHLEY

                         254 EAST LANZIT AVE SUITE 3

                               LOS ANGELES, CA 90061

                                         323 866-5822